Your Magic Behind the Veil

There is magic behind the veil we call reality, but one must go through not only the veil, but the gatekeepers of the veil in order to find it. You will have to walk through the walls of your own limitations, the friends and lovers you thought were real but were simply phantasms to counteract fear and self-loathing. You will have to dismantle them all piece by piece, peeling them away as if you were peeling the outer flesh of the onion. You will find it a wonder that all the aspirations and dreams that you thought were so dear to you, were but only reactions to fear and a world that wants you to dissolve within it, with your soul as a sacrifice. You may have to walk away from parents, from spouses, from people who helped you to project a world that they inherited from ancestral pain and misery. To pierce that veil, all you will need to take is your courage and your love to find that there is magic at the end of this journey, and that that magic will always be you and yours alone.

Psychic Programming

The darkness wants you to walk through it with the light that it wishes to become.

2 of Swans

2. We do not operate as individuals in this world until we allow source or God or spirit to enter us and guide us. Desire, hard work, more time, more education, more money, external circumstances, the rat race will never create for you your independence and self expression.

3. Your world view, your opinions about society and your relationship to the world is created out of a pre-existing template. In the programming world this is known as an abstract class. It has no way of instantiation without the individual that implements it. This is because it has no energy by and from itself. It requires your energy for manifestation.

4. We know we are experiencing outside the programmatic system when we experience joy and happiness, the kind that only the infinite can experience, the kind that overflows into and out of itself.

5. Your fears are not outside of you. All of them are seeded from within and show up as a programmatic sheath or veil over who you truly are.

6. The veil that is the illusion of this world of perception is not a metaphor.

7. You cannot override a programmatic system by means of that system. The “off” switch is still part of that system. And when you turn it off, it continues to run in the background, creating more and more void and emptiness until you can take it no longer and turn “on” its lights again.

8. Your false self is a parasite that feeds on your true self’s divine and light energy. The more it does that, the more tired, the more weary of life you become. This weariness of life shows up in anger,frustration, jealousy, feelings of victimization. Your boundaries become a prison, your life becomes one that lacks.

9. There is a a particularly insidious template in the world called “victim empowerment”. It runs on the premise that you have access to hidden truths due to your dark despair, depression, and/or anxiety. It wants you to express all manner and form of that darkness as if it were good medicine for you and the world. But the truth is that it is more like a virus or a cancer than a mode of healing. It glorifies despair, idealizing it, and creating even deeper dependencies.

10. The end result of all psychic programming is to consume energy from those who have it for the sake of those who do not. It is literally an attempt to drain life from the living to those who are dead. This can go on forever, from lifetime to lifetime, because the light source is infinite, although the body is not.

11. The walking dead is not a metaphor. It lives.

12. Most people’s lives are on an infinite loop that is able to create the appearance of randomization and organic development. It distracts from the truth that for most of their lives, they have never left the place they started in twenty, thirty, or more years ago.

13. Happiness is not from going within and separating yourself from the outside. Happiness is from allowing all the limits to crumble down before your senses, so that you might see your infinite vastness and the energy of your unconditional love that naturally overflows into all and every around you.

14. You are the recipient of the most sophisticated form of artificial intelligence. But it is an intelligence that is feeding off something that is impossible to emulate: a love that knows no bounds.

15. The equation that says love equals sex and sexuality is designed to keep you enslaved to your physical representation while other entities steal your soul. They even sing pop songs to that.

16. It doesn’t matter what wisdom you become aware of our how many healthy foods and activities you entertain, if you still practice and preach duality, your heart is still in the dark and you are living inside an artificial system.

17. Us vs. them philosophies, attitudes, is an emanation that does not derive from source light, but is derived from the systemic matrix itself. It is attractive, because as despair increases, so too does the desire to justify and avenge it increase. There is an apparent and illusory beauty in that.

18. If we all stopped thinking government, our mommy and our daddy, were important for our survival or important at all, all of its evils would cease to exist, including war and murder. In fact, it would cease to exist because it would become what it truly is: irrelevant and a useless impediment to human freedom and happiness. But the truth is most of us don’t care, especially those who rail on and on about the evil power of government. For to see the government for what it is is to see that it derives and feeds off of our own sense of victimization, powerlessness, and ignorance, all of which are illusions all of which we believe.

19. Be aware of those who are around you: are they closing doors or opening them? The ones that close want to capture and feed upon the bird. The ones that open, want to see you fly. Unfortunately, many of us have been programmed to fear the open sky because we do not believe we have wings.

20. We are programmed to demand proof of success in order to do something. We seek external advice and information in order to gain this proof. It signifies a deep loss in our intuitive sense and inner knowledge, our faith in ourselves, in the universe.

21. We have been programmed to see the universe as an object to be studied and observed by science. That programming works to keep your spirit and your mind outside of itself.

22. The modern world is designed to make humanity slaves to money, their job, their commitments, their version of 1984. There are movies that glorify this. Our neighbors celebrate it, our friends, our spouses. For a time we feel “right”, but you know the truth. You know the deeper truth.

23. The mind is programmed in such a way as to be able to comprehend wisdom, truths, awareness in terms of the system and inside the system. This is why there are so many “false” gurus. They have deep insightful things to say about the world and life, but if they were to observe their actual life, it would be a far cry from wisdom.

24. There are programs designed to comprehend and express emotions. It affords a feeling of power that does not really exist.

25. The physical world is an amazing mystery with laws and behaviors not even scientists can completely understand. The cohesive perception of substance that gives the impression of continuity and persistence is simply remarkable. It is what seems to confirm for us that it is more real that what is less continuous and perceptible. It is the most perfect illusion.

26. The system will always defend its own existence and it will do so through all instances of humanity. It is no different from a computer virus and it replicates every day a child is born. But there is a light that can be lit where all appears dark and impossible to overcome. There is a light in your heart, the connection to source, to God, to the divine – whatever you want to call it. In the end, it is the force that moves all without moving, the energy that loves without needing love in return, for the return is always in the act of loving, and the giving is equivalent to the receiving; the gift, the forever given, the never ever needing.

you are of

you are of what is deep inside the earth,
darkness and the tiny life that thrives
between the high sun and fires below
where pregnant seeds to flowers turn

you are of what is high within the skies
lightness and the life that sacred thrives
between black holes and starless space
the light that ever blooms the human race

On Praise

there is no life when people immediately give you praise,
for you have given them what they imagine they desire,
not the good for which they think their desire impossible;
it is the impossibly good in which true love become possible,
where every truth is a seed that gives sunlight to the hidden;
but good things take time and love to root and to finally grow,
and once grown, they will transform into another direction;
you would all be wise to follow wherever they might lead;
while praise only wants to be a possession for the appraiser
cutting the beautiful flower dead as keepsake for its lovers.

Thoughts from the Tower of Oz

So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. That is why it was called Babel —because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth.

Genesis 11.8-9

1. It is an illusion that anyone is ever doing anything to you. They are only ever doing it to themselves. You are either lucky or an unfortunate casualty.

2. It is also an illusion that you can deliberately affect another person. What they receive from you is completely outside the realm of your imagination.

3. We create what happens to us before it happens, as it happens, and after it happens. There is of course the question, What is actually happening?

4. The mind can witness the entire landscape and cause us to feel satisfied even though we miss ninety-percent of everything. Maybe make that one hundred and ten percent of everything. Maybe just everything.

5. “Everything” is something we can mentally grasp as a limited amount of infinite “stuff”. In other words, we cannot grasp it, which is a lot of stuff not to grasp.

6. Most people have very low self-worth and confidence. They try to fill it with money, the desire for money, working for money; fame, the desire for fame, working for fame; attention, the desire for attention, working for attention. Whatever it is, they are ever attempting to find something outside of themselves to fulfill them and give them the self-worth they think they lack. The people around them experience this energy as “I am not enough for myself. I need proof of my value.” and so the people around them either believe it and feel equally miserably ambitious, or they feel miserably dejected and walk away. There are of course the select few who can only just laugh. They don’t walk away, but they don’t stay either, except for the popcorn.

7. Lack of self-worth is like the sun thinking it lacks its shine.

8. How many lies can a human being live in? Answer: The precise amount that will kill them completely.

9. Watching grown adults begging for attention on the Internet is in my top ten most heartbreaking things about being human.

10. If everyone was aware of their own power and used it to fight for truth, justice, and the good, we wouldn’t need social media.

11. Are you bouncing off of your experiences, or are you actively creating them?

12. If you are waiting for that “big break”, that “opportunity” in the form of an invitation from another human being, you are waiting for the devil’s party. And guess what? Eventually you will be invited, but not in the way you imagined.

13. People (and gods) who are powerful know who they are, but they don’t beat others over the head over it, instead they use it to carry others with them.

14. Remember when you were a kid in the swimming pool begging mommy to watch how long you could hold your breath under water? Mommy pretended to be amazed and deep down you knew that. That is why you are still looking for attention – especially from women or those who are easily impressed.

15. Great leaders are rare; people who want a leader are common. From where do most people seek to gain acceptance and validation that they are important? Most people of course, all and sundry.

16. We are not even a dog chasing their tail. We are a tail chasing a dog that is chasing its tail. Ad infinitum.

17. If I had one wish it would be that everyone would recognize the quantum plain and the material expression of it via our mind as the true nature of reality.

18. These are not words you are looking at it. These are simply electrical signals that are being mechanically and logically translated into your field of vision. The only being you are truly experiencing right now is yourself imagining I am saying something to you.

19. You are always only ever speaking with yourself.

20. The world is entirely one, but not according to the third dimensional mind that, of course, likes to talk about it the most.

21. Social media is a third dimensional imitation of the collective consciousness. In the collective consciousness you don’t have to tweet your thoughts. You just have to think them.

22. When you tap into the collective consciousness, the universe will begin to speak to you in riddles, dreams, and symbols. You won’t tell anyone because they will think you are crazy. You know the truth however, because for the first time, you begin to know that all of “this” is speaking through and with you at the same time.

23. What people think they are saying to you, they are not saying at all. They are always simply betraying what they are trying to hide. Most don’t notice this however, and so the magic trick continues to impress.

24. Children think they are clever liars. Adults think they are even more clever liars than children. The truth is they are worse than children, mostly because in children, there is less of the lie than in the adult.

25. It is possible to make someone tell you the truth, simply by demanding it with your thoughts. It works with kids. It can work with grown ups.

26. Reading between the lines doesn’t always work. You might be looking inside empty spaces. What you really want to do is consider whether or not they actually are lines at all.

27. Most people spend their entire lives begging for scraps, beginning with the scraps thrown at them from friends and family. That is the real reason for the high rate of homelessness. No one is exempt from that unfortunate outcome.

28. We are a very sick society. Anyone who denies this is also sick.

29. The people who cry against the “injustice” of society and the “imbalance” of income are the ones who want to be part of that society the most. They are not rebellious or revolutionaries, although they pretend to be as such in order to be able to live with themselves.

30. Who we want to think we are is often a beautiful shroud used to conceal our own deplorable behavior and/or thoughts. This is often called the ego and it is the greatest barrier we have to our true power and happiness.

31. The greatest illusion of all time is that we appear to communicate our inner world through speech. If everyone knew the truth, our entire society would break down, yes. And this will happen one day but only because we will have rediscovered that true communication happens through a means that is other than speech and hearing. But most of us are not ready to hear, let alone talk, about that.

32. And on that day, we will know the truth about the Lord, as spoken about and handed down for generations. That perhaps the speeches about the Lord, as translated into English from the Hebrew by some human being is not the voice of God, but is something entirely other than the true God. Are we ready for that truth yet? Are we ready for the Wizard of Oz?

Love is music. Emotions are emotions.

1) Who told you that the masks you wear are more beautiful than what they conceal? Answer: yourself and your so-called mindful emotions.

2) Your emotional difficulties are fertile fields waiting to receive the tears and sunshine of your love. Instead what they get is a psychoanalysis, or if that is too hard, an iPad. For those who are technically challenged, Game of Thrones episodes suffice.

3) Most have pretended all their lives. They pretend through their obsessions of career, of money, of fame, of passion. Obsessions are obstructions to your soul. Their noise prevents you from hearing your soul-song. Why do you have a soul song? Because you are love and love is the vibration that connects and transmutes all other vibrations into harmony and balance.

4) Emotions are wild dragons. The problem is that very few believe in dragons, and even more disbelieve in love.

5) Life requires balance. It requires great effort balanced by great relaxation. It requires thinking about material matters and experiencing spiritual ones. There are no “good” ingredients for a good life. It is all about the mixture, the mixing, and the mixer. It is all about music-making. But what, you ask, are you supposed to be mixing and blending? Answer: all and every aspect of yourself.

6) How do you find yourself? Answer: Remove everything that isn’t yourself. Do it every day. Whatever remains is the real “you”. You will then have no questions about what to do. The idea of even asking someone else such a question will feel absurd.

7) The only way to heal pain is to add love to it. Put it on a fire. Stir frequently until it completely boils out and releases into the skies. But, you say, love hurts. That is not love,my friend. Love never hurts; though it is true, many people hurt love.

8) Most people “handle” their emotions through their mind, which is no different than constantly thrusting a dagger through your own heart. You bleed, you scar, and you begin the creation of your biological armor. Eventually your heart becomes so protected and hidden from view, that even the sound of it beating, as if it were a ghost of some dead loved one, sends chills up your spine and tears down your cheeks. You scream in anger, in sadness, in complete and utter despair. You gnash your teeth against god and love and the universe. Nothing makes any sense. No surprise, since much of what the mind thinks is absolute nonsense to begin with.

9) The general population generally only allows their emotional body to express itself inside movies or television or music. The idea of expressing oneself is so foreign to them that it is considered to be “bad manners” to do so in public. And maybe there is a shred of truth to what they consider, if we remember that the general man or woman expresses their feelings in terms of mental constructs, which of course are always more course and barbaric than any caveman drawing ever could be.

10) We are so feral that we believe that there are two choices: to be polite or to be cruel.

11) Music that is born in anger is just anger.

12) Music that is born in love is always just music.

13) Most people believe that love is an emotion. Now read all twelve items above.

Heartfulness, Not Mindfulness

Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.

Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5; Yerushalmi Talmud 4:9, Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 37a.

1. You don’t need to fit in. You just need to find where you are supposed to be.

2. There is nothing to change about yourself. The only thing that may need change is what you believe about yourself. After that, all the other changes follow.

3. Most people take action to change their life when they become fearful or plagued by worry. They feel like they must make the change “or else.” They look for a new job because the old job is making them unhappy or doesn’t pay enough. They look for a new relationship because the current one causes them unease. They move house because the old one is becoming stale. They are coming from a feeling of lack in order to find abundance. It takes a lot of strength of soul to stop this cycle and to give yourself the time and love you need to find your joy, your abundance, and your power. Once you find that, you will no longer be led by an invisible chain that pulls your body joylessly backwards and forwards in a seemingly endless cycle of hope and desperation.

4. The new age movement speaks often of being “mindful”. We don’t need more mindfulness. What we need is more heartfulness.

5. Being open hearted does not mean being more emotional or being more caring. In order for your heart to open, all the armor you currently have around it must completely shatter. And it will do so into a million sharp pieces that will cut, bleed, and give you immense pain until you purge it all completely. Then you will be free.

6. In order to choose divorce in a marriage, you must first realize that you are first and foremost divorcing from the person you used to be when you entered the marriage.

7. For most people, endings mean death which means pain an suffering and loss. So few see that endings are a new glorious beginnings ripe with inspiration, dreams and possibility.

8. All our problems stem from our thinking that death is an end.

9. Esoterica or esoteric knowledge is knowledge that is available but hidden not by design, but by the very nature its subject matter.

10. Astral projection, astral traveling: all of it is real and what you experience there holds the keys to universe.

11. Everything that I write is something I am experiencing. I am not preaching. I am telling my story.

12. What we think we need or want in life in terms of material desires are shadows compared to the luminous light that we truly are. The fire will always give warmth. But how many fires fear they are have lost their fire?

13. In humanity, insanity is the only reliable rule. That is why we often get upgrades.

14. The mind becomes insane when it decides to no longer listen to the heart. The walls it builds are tremendous and deep. In many ways society is a collective consciousness that erects common barriers and protections for the hearts of its members. That is why there is no love to be found when you look “out there”. This is not an “evil” condition, but is a merciful one. Most people do better playing it safe.

15. True love is within us and within us are universes upon universes. Everyone else pretends that love is what the movies tell us.

16. We do not have awareness of our subconscious except in terms of our conscious mind. However, the heart has access to the subconscious in ways the mind itself can never imagine. You will see, hear, and feel the impossible if you experience life through the heart. The heart hears and plays its soul music.

17. Each of us has a soul song. If you find your divine counterpart, you will both here the same song. That is because everything is light energy, and light energy is vibratory. Your soul “mate” is the one who will hear your song because they are on your vibrational level.

18. Everything we perceive in this world is like a hologram. Our bodies are like computer keyboards and monitors. Virtual reality. Everyone who doesn’t know this doesn’t believe it and will never believe it – by design.

16. Without exception when anyone in society is talking about their emotions, they are referring to the branches and the leaves of old buried thoughts.

17. Popular wisdom is what people are willing to hear. Everything else is considered useless knowledge, as if such a thing were possible for us to know.

18. The mind can perceive very little about life. The senses, even less. But the illusion that mind affords us is great: the bigger and more complex the thought, the more robust the mind-tree, the more we think we know. But what we know is what mind says we knows – it knows nothing else. That is why eating from the tree of knowledge was forbidden. God was trying to spare us preserve our own abundance.

19. The heart has roots that will connect you to your soul mate, your true love, your soul family, the universal beings. That is where you will find empowerment, fulfillment, joy and of course love. But your mind will not get you there. Your ego will not get you there. Your pity and your longing and your desire will not get you there. The more you engage in those things, the more you are telling the universe that those things are what matters and have matter. Let them go, as illusions and dust of illusions into the wind, and feel your heart begin to open, finding expanse and freedom where once there was restriction, fear, anger and obstinacy. Save your own soul.


But like infection is the petty thought: it creeps and hides, and wants to be nowhere–until the whole body is decayed and withered by the petty infection… Thus spoke Zarathustra.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

as if a hundred little fish in the sky are singing
radio waves ringing to keep anxious minds afloat
upon petty tunes popular popping corks in the ocean
pretending to support those wounded mental bones
and by some strange magic that driftwood survives
without fear, without awe, without wondering why
for death’s embrace is their most willing surrender
flowing in a sea of living love they can’t remember.

Love Be The Dragon

1. Shame and guilt are sibling twins, both born in love and raised by fear – and they spend their adult lives burying their parents in their own blindness.

2. When people feel stuck in life it is usually due to shame or guilt. The obsession with a past action or thought that seems now to be unjust, inappropriate or wrong conceals the motivation of that action. That the regretful past action occurred out of fear escapes them. And what escapes them even more is that there is love hidden behind the protective body of their fear. All of this stuff gets completely buried not only one’s own lifetime, but in generations of lifetimes. The individual sadly only sees and feels the surface shame and guilt and doesn’t even become aware of the fear and love buried beneath, unless of course the individual has a spiritual awakening – a miraculous – and very painful disorienting process.

3. Shame, guilt, regret: all hide and thus prevent open inquiry, self-discovery, the realization that you have acted out fear because you love. Society loves to promote this low vibrational emotions because it keeps the individual in a slave-like posture within its own systems. It is the feeling of powerless you recognize in yourself.

4. Fear is not the opposite of love. Fear is an expression of love that believes itself to be weak and impotent. An animal acts out in fear when it feels threatened. What in you feels threatened when you act in fear? Ask yourself: What are you trying to protect? What do you love? Chances are you have forgotten.

5. When we are born, we have forgotten our soul. We begin again on the material plane, but we carry with us burdens beyond measure which will surface in good measure as fear, shame, and guilt. None of this is conscious, for we have forgotten our soul and the soul forgotten is the mind who believes the way is clear.

6. The soul (Greek, psyche) is not breath or some living anima. Your soul is a living universal consciousness that most of us don’t even recall, let alone have explored.

7. Plato describes our state of awareness in his famous cave metaphor. Yet, as famous as it is, no one understands it because they spend more time thinking it is a clever philosophical presentation. It is impossible to feel the sunlight if you stay in the house. It is impossible to feel poetry in your soul if you don’t open your heart.

8. Knowledge will not give you self awareness. You could read every book ever written. You could spend hours studying ancient texts and religious scriptures, but you will get nowhere if you cannot sit with yourself and witness who you are, not with your eyes, your ears, your taste, your touch, but with your heart.

9. The heart is the seat of wisdom and the seat of truth. The mind is only a filter for heart energy, a translation, an intellectual analysis of its song.

10. The mind wishes to judge songs, not to enjoy them. It will only allow the songs it judges positively. The mind never wants to learn, for by itself it contains no desire, no wonder, no longing.

11. You can tell when someone’s heart is blocked or closed either because you can see auras or because they show no curiosity, no passion for anything around them or within them. The ones who run from distraction to distraction – they are building a wall around their heart.

12. Modern society celebrates the closure of the heart. It is how you “get things done”.

13. Slowing down the pace of life is essential if you wish to deeply master something, whether that be an art, hobby, or career. But most people have no time for that. And the suffering continues.

14. Modern society has no time or patience for love. Love will turn your world upside down and inside out – it will systematically or maybe even chaotically remove every lie or concealment in your life. All will fall and you will not be able to resist the power of that storm.

15. No man and no woman is ever ready for love. Love will take you and lead you back to yourself and while at first it will seem like it is destroying you, you will soon realize that you were the one destroying you before love pierced your heart. Love is just hear to remove the destruction and start you out once again, free as a bird, light as a feather, swift as the wind.

16. There is no opposite of love. We like to think that there is an opposite, because it satisfies our need for duality, division, and even hate. We imagine we know what love is when are not yet pierced by the arrows of love, which is an awakening of the soul. And many become bitter about their idea of love, because it has never has served them well. And it will never serve them because what they think as being love isn’t it all.

17. There is light even in the darkest of places. And the tiniest speck of light is no less significant from the speck that is our sun in the infinite universe. Only love can help you see this, the beauty and majesty of all beings. Namaste.

18. For as long as mankind has ruled upon this earth, we have generally agreed with the idea that punishment is an appropriate form of justice. It doesn’t matter the crime or the offense, we think we need to return it in kind or in greater than kind. But even though there are those who see that there is gold in the darkest parts of earth, humanity has not yet found a way to allow that gold to be brought to the surface. It remains trapped there as they walk and spit upon what conceals it.

19. Science, knowledge, education will offer no real change within the human heart who is lost in darkness. What such a one requires is an inspiration of the light that is living within them. Nothing else: not money, not food, not shelter, not celebrity visitations will help them to transform their lives.

20. If you want to give to people, give first to yourself. You cannot be light for others if you don’t know how to be that for yourself. If love is not overflowing as an ocean through you and into what is outside you, you do not yet see infinite abundance, and therefore you do not yet stand in love.

21. There are too many people trying to do good things in order to feel good about themselves. This is not love. It is called co-dependence and ego trips. It further enslaves and debilitates everyone involved.

22. There is not a single book that will enlighten you to yourself. Every book is the author’s epitaph or autobiography, not yours.

23. Getting to know yourself does not mean figuring out what career you want to pursue or what kind of hobbies you are good at. Those are just results of getting to know yourself. Who you are doesn’t depend on what you do. What you do depends on who you are. So what are you doing and what does it say about who you are?

24. There are many people who think “going with the flow” means being mindless, buffeted from one wave to the next. In other words, they forsake their own will and consciousness. Such an attitude often poses as being enlightened, but it is actually the extreme opposite of enlightened – it is a surrendering to death; for a surrendering of one’s will and life force energy is a conscious act of spiritual suicide.

25. To love oneself includes loving one’s will. Because love of self is a union (yoga) of the divine Self which is God and God’s will. The true “going with the flow” is going with the divine will and aligning with it.

26. In the Yoga Sutras there is an entire chapter devoted to the special powers that emerge out of practicing this union with the divine. We moderns find the chapter to be very strange and hard to believe, much like we find Jesus walking on water hard to believe. Most of us pass it off as some kind of metaphor and imaginary rhetoric designed to influence the masses. I will only say that our disbelief betrays the massive ignorance we commit against ourselves on a daily basis.

27. Modern popular science is identical to blind religious faith and just as ignorant.

28. Even those who consider themselves to artistic are more scientifically minded than creative. They are also quite immersed in public relation strategies.

29. What is more important to you: What you are expressing or the way you are expressing it?

30. I distrust people who are obsessed with form and presentation more than they are with what they are forming and presenting.

31. There are poets and readers of poetry who enjoy words more than who is speaking the words. They don’t even know that such a being exist and even if they do have an inclination, it is not without a good deal of loathing.

32. The ancient authors always began their writings with invocations to a muse or deity. This was not just formulaic. How you can you write or express from within your true self without invoking the gods or spirits who empower you to do so? You say you don’t have such empowerment. I say you just don’t notice.

33. When you complete a work of art, make sure you thank that powers that have illuminated your expression inside of you. Gratitude is not just for posturing, but for reminding yourself of who you truly are.

34. From love is born all flowers, all trees, all animals, all humans, all universes. From love, is born all things mighty and strong and wild. There is a misconception that love is weakness and to feel love is weakness. This is what men have been taught for many generations and that is why they suffer and act out of fear when faced with feelings of true love.

35. False love and co-dependence fit into our ordinary lives inside society, making us feel comfortable and secure. But those loves are weak and filled with fear, fear of loss, fear of abandonment, and fear of betrayal.

36. True love is so strong that neither distance nor disagreement destroys it. True love is the ultimate super power and gives birth to all the others. It is a dragon who burns all shame and guilt and regret to ash and forgetfulness.

I love you as sure as the rivers swirl into the sea
and I don’t have to wonder if you’ll ever see me,
for we meet upon the ethereal plains ever wandering
from human lovers into majestic dragon transforming
how many times we’ve kissed beneath double moonlight
even when hissing Saturn sun glares us his sight
you hold me inside the darker reaches of that night