An Infinite Place

When hard pressed, I cried to the LORD; he brought me into a spacious place.

Psalm, 118:5

1) The darkness has no power, but creates an illusion of power. The more people believe in it, the more powerful it becomes. It first and foremost creates the illusion that outside forces are causing you suffering: We often say to ourselves, “If it weren’t for _____, I’d be happy.” But the truth is, those people, that society, that person, that circumstance are not the ones causing your suffering. What is causing your suffering is the belief that these mirages have any true power over your life.

2) The tragedy and comedy of life is that we seek solutions to our problems in what we believe to be the cause of our problems. We rarely question any of these assumptions, and that is why we rarely find any lasting solutions.

3) If you believe – and obstinately refuse to believe otherwise – that Santa Claus is the source of your Christmas presents and you attempt to return an undesirable gift back to him, you will remain the proud owner of an undesirable gift.

4) Knowledge does not give you freedom. Knowledge is a prison; unless of course, the knowledge you are accumulating also contains clues and keys. That is to say, that knowledge needs to allow questions about itself.

5) We seek more knowledge outside of ourselves because we are afraid to go within. Most don’t even think there is anything there.

6) We don’t believe we have the answers to our questions not because we are certain of it, but because we think we know it.

7) It would be a huge shock to the system if people found out how much their knowledge is used against them, in order to suppress their own power. But make no mistake, some people needs a period of suppression, for in many ways suppression can be a form of incubation.

8) An animal tamed well does not lose its power: it refines it. That includes the “devil”.

9) It is very difficult to find a good teacher. Most will teach you how to become something more like themselves, for that is how their teacher taught them. Education can span multitudes of generations and the sheer magnitude and breadth of it makes people feel like what they are learning is the truth.

10) Humanity is still impressed by what is big, loud, and clear; by what they can perceive and experience through their five senses. They are amazed that dogs can sense earthquakes before they happen. The funny thing is the “before”. To most people the volcano is the lave flowing out of the mountain, and what has been happening hidden beneath the surface for years is of little importance, let alone existence.

12) Life itself is your power and it is infinitely wide and infinitely deep. That is what really scares you.

13) Most men would rather limit their own power to the confines of their mind and ego. This makes their women feel protected and well fed.

14) How much energy does it take to limit one’s own power? An incredible amount, and so instead of suppressing such infinite energy, a man will give it away by creating leaking holes in his energetic field. The more powerful the man, the more thirsty are the women who surround him, draining him of his life force. The first one in line is usually the mother, for she feels he owes her and he believes it.

15) Women are of the earth, the source of life and all nurturing and flow. The idea that a woman must live off the life force of a man in order to feel beautiful and powerful, is not only a disservice to her, but also to men. Feminism, which wants to make women equal to men, is no different – it doesn’t celebrate the feminine, but denies her.

16) Feminism teaches women to become black widows: to feed off the masculine energy and kill the man.

17) Some try to escape the nature of modern society, but most end up railing against it and so fuel their anger at the expense of love. Resistance against the lies is also a lie.

18) Anything that limits your capacity to love life is a lie. How many are courageous enough to believe this?

19) You are an infinite being of infinite power, but you have been taught that power is something other than it is and that is why you reject the idea.

20) Everything the world teaches about worldly power is absurd and ridiculous, and that is why most believe that power is reserved for the few with money.

21) The man or woman who believes that money is the primary motivator of humanity, has watched life through a television screen.

22) You have something to teach humanity; you have a gift to give. But before you can give to them, you must give that gift to yourself.

23) Who is the source of all the world’s treasures? You.

24) Life is easy, even when faced with challenges, when you follow the rhythm and energy of your own soul song.

25) To a person who has been taught that being loud, brash, hard, flashy, rich, or big are signs of success, a place of quiet loneliness, softness, relaxation, and subtlety first appears to be undesirable and even counterproductive (unless it appears to serve success). “I don’t have time for that”, you say. What? You don’t have time for yourself? You don’t have time observe yourself closely, so as to give yourself appropriate gifts at the appropriate time? What? You don’t have time to watch the world go by on its own despite you and even against you? What can you experience in life if you don’t slow down and give yourself the love you’d give a child or an animal? What can you hear of yourself if you don’t remove all the noise? So ask yourself: What do you think you have time for? What are you chasing and what are you leaving behind in the chasing? What are you burying in in order to avoid it? What do you think you will get if you bury that and chase this? You know the answer to that. Answer it; but answer it slowly in a quiet and safe place, and infinite space, away from all the loud answers in the mouths of the world.

Love is music. Emotions are emotions.

1) Who told you that the masks you wear are more beautiful than what they conceal? Answer: yourself and your so-called mindful emotions.

2) Your emotional difficulties are fertile fields waiting to receive the tears and sunshine of your love. Instead what they get is a psychoanalysis, or if that is too hard, an iPad. For those who are technically challenged, Game of Thrones episodes suffice.

3) Most have pretended all their lives. They pretend through their obsessions of career, of money, of fame, of passion. Obsessions are obstructions to your soul. Their noise prevents you from hearing your soul-song. Why do you have a soul song? Because you are love and love is the vibration that connects and transmutes all other vibrations into harmony and balance.

4) Emotions are wild dragons. The problem is that very few believe in dragons, and even more disbelieve in love.

5) Life requires balance. It requires great effort balanced by great relaxation. It requires thinking about material matters and experiencing spiritual ones. There are no “good” ingredients for a good life. It is all about the mixture, the mixing, and the mixer. It is all about music-making. But what, you ask, are you supposed to be mixing and blending? Answer: all and every aspect of yourself.

6) How do you find yourself? Answer: Remove everything that isn’t yourself. Do it every day. Whatever remains is the real “you”. You will then have no questions about what to do. The idea of even asking someone else such a question will feel absurd.

7) The only way to heal pain is to add love to it. Put it on a fire. Stir frequently until it completely boils out and releases into the skies. But, you say, love hurts. That is not love,my friend. Love never hurts; though it is true, many people hurt love.

8) Most people “handle” their emotions through their mind, which is no different than constantly thrusting a dagger through your own heart. You bleed, you scar, and you begin the creation of your biological armor. Eventually your heart becomes so protected and hidden from view, that even the sound of it beating, as if it were a ghost of some dead loved one, sends chills up your spine and tears down your cheeks. You scream in anger, in sadness, in complete and utter despair. You gnash your teeth against god and love and the universe. Nothing makes any sense. No surprise, since much of what the mind thinks is absolute nonsense to begin with.

9) The general population generally only allows their emotional body to express itself inside movies or television or music. The idea of expressing oneself is so foreign to them that it is considered to be “bad manners” to do so in public. And maybe there is a shred of truth to what they consider, if we remember that the general man or woman expresses their feelings in terms of mental constructs, which of course are always more course and barbaric than any caveman drawing ever could be.

10) We are so feral that we believe that there are two choices: to be polite or to be cruel.

11) Music that is born in anger is just anger.

12) Music that is born in love is always just music.

13) Most people believe that love is an emotion. Now read all twelve items above.

Heartfulness, Not Mindfulness

Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.

Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5; Yerushalmi Talmud 4:9, Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 37a.

1. You don’t need to fit in. You just need to find where you are supposed to be.

2. There is nothing to change about yourself. The only thing that may need change is what you believe about yourself. After that, all the other changes follow.

3. Most people take action to change their life when they become fearful or plagued by worry. They feel like they must make the change “or else.” They look for a new job because the old job is making them unhappy or doesn’t pay enough. They look for a new relationship because the current one causes them unease. They move house because the old one is becoming stale. They are coming from a feeling of lack in order to find abundance. It takes a lot of strength of soul to stop this cycle and to give yourself the time and love you need to find your joy, your abundance, and your power. Once you find that, you will no longer be led by an invisible chain that pulls your body joylessly backwards and forwards in a seemingly endless cycle of hope and desperation.

4. The new age movement speaks often of being “mindful”. We don’t need more mindfulness. What we need is more heartfulness.

5. Being open hearted does not mean being more emotional or being more caring. In order for your heart to open, all the armor you currently have around it must completely shatter. And it will do so into a million sharp pieces that will cut, bleed, and give you immense pain until you purge it all completely. Then you will be free.

6. In order to choose divorce in a marriage, you must first realize that you are first and foremost divorcing from the person you used to be when you entered the marriage.

7. For most people, endings mean death which means pain an suffering and loss. So few see that endings are a new glorious beginnings ripe with inspiration, dreams and possibility.

8. All our problems stem from our thinking that death is an end.

9. Esoterica or esoteric knowledge is knowledge that is available but hidden not by design, but by the very nature its subject matter.

10. Astral projection, astral traveling: all of it is real and what you experience there holds the keys to universe.

11. Everything that I write is something I am experiencing. I am not preaching. I am telling my story.

12. What we think we need or want in life in terms of material desires are shadows compared to the luminous light that we truly are. The fire will always give warmth. But how many fires fear they are have lost their fire?

13. In humanity, insanity is the only reliable rule. That is why we often get upgrades.

14. The mind becomes insane when it decides to no longer listen to the heart. The walls it builds are tremendous and deep. In many ways society is a collective consciousness that erects common barriers and protections for the hearts of its members. That is why there is no love to be found when you look “out there”. This is not an “evil” condition, but is a merciful one. Most people do better playing it safe.

15. True love is within us and within us are universes upon universes. Everyone else pretends that love is what the movies tell us.

16. We do not have awareness of our subconscious except in terms of our conscious mind. However, the heart has access to the subconscious in ways the mind itself can never imagine. You will see, hear, and feel the impossible if you experience life through the heart. The heart hears and plays its soul music.

17. Each of us has a soul song. If you find your divine counterpart, you will both here the same song. That is because everything is light energy, and light energy is vibratory. Your soul “mate” is the one who will hear your song because they are on your vibrational level.

18. Everything we perceive in this world is like a hologram. Our bodies are like computer keyboards and monitors. Virtual reality. Everyone who doesn’t know this doesn’t believe it and will never believe it – by design.

16. Without exception when anyone in society is talking about their emotions, they are referring to the branches and the leaves of old buried thoughts.

17. Popular wisdom is what people are willing to hear. Everything else is considered useless knowledge, as if such a thing were possible for us to know.

18. The mind can perceive very little about life. The senses, even less. But the illusion that mind affords us is great: the bigger and more complex the thought, the more robust the mind-tree, the more we think we know. But what we know is what mind says we knows – it knows nothing else. That is why eating from the tree of knowledge was forbidden. God was trying to spare us preserve our own abundance.

19. The heart has roots that will connect you to your soul mate, your true love, your soul family, the universal beings. That is where you will find empowerment, fulfillment, joy and of course love. But your mind will not get you there. Your ego will not get you there. Your pity and your longing and your desire will not get you there. The more you engage in those things, the more you are telling the universe that those things are what matters and have matter. Let them go, as illusions and dust of illusions into the wind, and feel your heart begin to open, finding expanse and freedom where once there was restriction, fear, anger and obstinacy. Save your own soul.

Love Be The Dragon

1. Shame and guilt are sibling twins, both born in love and raised by fear – and they spend their adult lives burying their parents in their own blindness.

2. When people feel stuck in life it is usually due to shame or guilt. The obsession with a past action or thought that seems now to be unjust, inappropriate or wrong conceals the motivation of that action. That the regretful past action occurred out of fear escapes them. And what escapes them even more is that there is love hidden behind the protective body of their fear. All of this stuff gets completely buried not only one’s own lifetime, but in generations of lifetimes. The individual sadly only sees and feels the surface shame and guilt and doesn’t even become aware of the fear and love buried beneath, unless of course the individual has a spiritual awakening – a miraculous – and very painful disorienting process.

3. Shame, guilt, regret: all hide and thus prevent open inquiry, self-discovery, the realization that you have acted out fear because you love. Society loves to promote this low vibrational emotions because it keeps the individual in a slave-like posture within its own systems. It is the feeling of powerless you recognize in yourself.

4. Fear is not the opposite of love. Fear is an expression of love that believes itself to be weak and impotent. An animal acts out in fear when it feels threatened. What in you feels threatened when you act in fear? Ask yourself: What are you trying to protect? What do you love? Chances are you have forgotten.

5. When we are born, we have forgotten our soul. We begin again on the material plane, but we carry with us burdens beyond measure which will surface in good measure as fear, shame, and guilt. None of this is conscious, for we have forgotten our soul and the soul forgotten is the mind who believes the way is clear.

6. The soul (Greek, psyche) is not breath or some living anima. Your soul is a living universal consciousness that most of us don’t even recall, let alone have explored.

7. Plato describes our state of awareness in his famous cave metaphor. Yet, as famous as it is, no one understands it because they spend more time thinking it is a clever philosophical presentation. It is impossible to feel the sunlight if you stay in the house. It is impossible to feel poetry in your soul if you don’t open your heart.

8. Knowledge will not give you self awareness. You could read every book ever written. You could spend hours studying ancient texts and religious scriptures, but you will get nowhere if you cannot sit with yourself and witness who you are, not with your eyes, your ears, your taste, your touch, but with your heart.

9. The heart is the seat of wisdom and the seat of truth. The mind is only a filter for heart energy, a translation, an intellectual analysis of its song.

10. The mind wishes to judge songs, not to enjoy them. It will only allow the songs it judges positively. The mind never wants to learn, for by itself it contains no desire, no wonder, no longing.

11. You can tell when someone’s heart is blocked or closed either because you can see auras or because they show no curiosity, no passion for anything around them or within them. The ones who run from distraction to distraction – they are building a wall around their heart.

12. Modern society celebrates the closure of the heart. It is how you “get things done”.

13. Slowing down the pace of life is essential if you wish to deeply master something, whether that be an art, hobby, or career. But most people have no time for that. And the suffering continues.

14. Modern society has no time or patience for love. Love will turn your world upside down and inside out – it will systematically or maybe even chaotically remove every lie or concealment in your life. All will fall and you will not be able to resist the power of that storm.

15. No man and no woman is ever ready for love. Love will take you and lead you back to yourself and while at first it will seem like it is destroying you, you will soon realize that you were the one destroying you before love pierced your heart. Love is just hear to remove the destruction and start you out once again, free as a bird, light as a feather, swift as the wind.

16. There is no opposite of love. We like to think that there is an opposite, because it satisfies our need for duality, division, and even hate. We imagine we know what love is when are not yet pierced by the arrows of love, which is an awakening of the soul. And many become bitter about their idea of love, because it has never has served them well. And it will never serve them because what they think as being love isn’t it all.

17. There is light even in the darkest of places. And the tiniest speck of light is no less significant from the speck that is our sun in the infinite universe. Only love can help you see this, the beauty and majesty of all beings. Namaste.

18. For as long as mankind has ruled upon this earth, we have generally agreed with the idea that punishment is an appropriate form of justice. It doesn’t matter the crime or the offense, we think we need to return it in kind or in greater than kind. But even though there are those who see that there is gold in the darkest parts of earth, humanity has not yet found a way to allow that gold to be brought to the surface. It remains trapped there as they walk and spit upon what conceals it.

19. Science, knowledge, education will offer no real change within the human heart who is lost in darkness. What such a one requires is an inspiration of the light that is living within them. Nothing else: not money, not food, not shelter, not celebrity visitations will help them to transform their lives.

20. If you want to give to people, give first to yourself. You cannot be light for others if you don’t know how to be that for yourself. If love is not overflowing as an ocean through you and into what is outside you, you do not yet see infinite abundance, and therefore you do not yet stand in love.

21. There are too many people trying to do good things in order to feel good about themselves. This is not love. It is called co-dependence and ego trips. It further enslaves and debilitates everyone involved.

22. There is not a single book that will enlighten you to yourself. Every book is the author’s epitaph or autobiography, not yours.

23. Getting to know yourself does not mean figuring out what career you want to pursue or what kind of hobbies you are good at. Those are just results of getting to know yourself. Who you are doesn’t depend on what you do. What you do depends on who you are. So what are you doing and what does it say about who you are?

24. There are many people who think “going with the flow” means being mindless, buffeted from one wave to the next. In other words, they forsake their own will and consciousness. Such an attitude often poses as being enlightened, but it is actually the extreme opposite of enlightened – it is a surrendering to death; for a surrendering of one’s will and life force energy is a conscious act of spiritual suicide.

25. To love oneself includes loving one’s will. Because love of self is a union (yoga) of the divine Self which is God and God’s will. The true “going with the flow” is going with the divine will and aligning with it.

26. In the Yoga Sutras there is an entire chapter devoted to the special powers that emerge out of practicing this union with the divine. We moderns find the chapter to be very strange and hard to believe, much like we find Jesus walking on water hard to believe. Most of us pass it off as some kind of metaphor and imaginary rhetoric designed to influence the masses. I will only say that our disbelief betrays the massive ignorance we commit against ourselves on a daily basis.

27. Modern popular science is identical to blind religious faith and just as ignorant.

28. Even those who consider themselves to artistic are more scientifically minded than creative. They are also quite immersed in public relation strategies.

29. What is more important to you: What you are expressing or the way you are expressing it?

30. I distrust people who are obsessed with form and presentation more than they are with what they are forming and presenting.

31. There are poets and readers of poetry who enjoy words more than who is speaking the words. They don’t even know that such a being exist and even if they do have an inclination, it is not without a good deal of loathing.

32. The ancient authors always began their writings with invocations to a muse or deity. This was not just formulaic. How you can you write or express from within your true self without invoking the gods or spirits who empower you to do so? You say you don’t have such empowerment. I say you just don’t notice.

33. When you complete a work of art, make sure you thank that powers that have illuminated your expression inside of you. Gratitude is not just for posturing, but for reminding yourself of who you truly are.

34. From love is born all flowers, all trees, all animals, all humans, all universes. From love, is born all things mighty and strong and wild. There is a misconception that love is weakness and to feel love is weakness. This is what men have been taught for many generations and that is why they suffer and act out of fear when faced with feelings of true love.

35. False love and co-dependence fit into our ordinary lives inside society, making us feel comfortable and secure. But those loves are weak and filled with fear, fear of loss, fear of abandonment, and fear of betrayal.

36. True love is so strong that neither distance nor disagreement destroys it. True love is the ultimate super power and gives birth to all the others. It is a dragon who burns all shame and guilt and regret to ash and forgetfulness.

I love you as sure as the rivers swirl into the sea
and I don’t have to wonder if you’ll ever see me,
for we meet upon the ethereal plains ever wandering
from human lovers into majestic dragon transforming
how many times we’ve kissed beneath double moonlight
even when hissing Saturn sun glares us his sight
you hold me inside the darker reaches of that night

Addicere, Addici, Addictum

“But I have been too deeply hurt, Sam. I tried to save the Shire, and it has been saved, but not for me. It must often be so, Sam, when things are in danger: some one has to give them up, lose them, so that others may keep them.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

1. Addiction sells.

2. The English word for addiction derives from the Latin addicere, meaning to pass legal sentence, doom, assign over to, enslave (to creditor). Today we attach the notion of addiction to substance and sexual abuse. But, while those aforementioned types of addictions carry their own dangers, there are other kinds of addictions that are far more profound and difficult to overcome, simply because they are considered good form in our societies.

3. The very essence and survival of society demands that we become addicted to a good deal of its thoughts and activities. When we become addicted to society, we become its best soldiers and defenders. Letting go becomes nearly impossible for most people even if such letting go is necessary for the survival of the community. This is why the courage required to “go against the grain” is both enormous and dangerous.

4. When we become addicted, we become attached to the repetition of an experience or feeling that is produced by a certain activity or interaction. This fact proves to be financially beneficial to certain entities that seek a reliable source of income. The repetitive nature of music, film, and art in general is a repetition of particular forms of sentiment in which the public is addicted to indulging itself. The money stream becomes reliable because the public is entirely predictable and mindlessly accepting in relation to its inclinations. The more powerfully addicted the individuals become, the more mindless and dangerous the society becomes to itself.

5. Society appears to be a constant in our life because it repeats and imitates both ideas and sentiments throughout all hierarchies of itself. However, as time goes by and generations pass, most particular ideas and sentiment lose their original power, becoming “old fashioned” and “outdated”. This letting gold of old mores marks the death of an era, and those ideas and sentiments are buried once and for all in social studies and history books. Current generations cannot imagine what they were thinking. Well, the answer is that they weren’t thinking – and neither is the current generation.

6. The most prevalent of addictions is the addiction to certain emotions and feelings. Emotions make us feel more alive than our thoughts about ourselves, and so we easily fall into the trap of believing that our emotions constitute who we are and that they have more power and validity in relation to the formation of our identity. Little do we realize that we have simply fallen prey to some sentiment or other, usually not even originating from within our own heart. This is often called the “self” and we strengthen it through talk of self-empowerment. Many women fall prey to this kind of self-empowerment, in order to be free from the pain they believe men have caused them.

7. There are huge numbers of people who cull their ideas of love from television and movies and books written by those who get their ideas of love from television and movies. Even worse, many of the ideas and sentiments we embrace were approved by ourselves when we were ten years old.

8. At the heart of every addiction is the experience of our own powerlessness. External-seeking, external-validating, listening to the opinions of society and other people: the more we indulge in such things, the less we practice faith in the power of our own soul. And faith – make no mistake – is a muscle that, if gone unused, weakens into a useless organ. But it is exactly faith- faith in our intuition, in our own guidance, which will lead us to ever more certainty and strength from within instead of assigning power to others.

9. When fortune disappoints our expectation, we might want to have learned how to laugh at our addiction to our own expectations.

10. Laughter is a sublime divine gift. But comedy has been relegated to the basement or the toilet. The power of comedy, to cure and heal the sickness that is our own self-importance, has long since been forgotten.

11. Lying, cheating, stealing is what we justify doing in order to make it in the world. We justify bad behavior because we believe that “faking it” in the beginning will somehow allow us to achieve truth later. It is a ridiculous assumption, this “fake it till you make it” , for you are teaching yourself and others how to walk outside of integrity, outside of your own gifts, and to lie to those wish to believe in you. You think you need to fake something because you don’t have “it” but need money and/or fame. That alone is enough to tell you that you are more blind than those you have managed to fool.

12. Music that doesn’t lie, music that is sourced from the heart, is a bridge that allows the listener to pass from earth to the heavens. They will never know where they are going and they will be transported outside of their expectations and all their memory into a place of magic, wonder, and uncanny power and beauty.

13. We believe that when we are home alone at night, that we are free from the stresses of the world. Nothing could be further of the truth. Most of us take the entire world into bed, into our dreams, into our anxieties of the days to come. We are so crowded, we cannot even hear our own song.

14. The history of Western religion is a history of lies, concealment, and disempowerment.

15. Repentance is a poor English translation of the Greek, metanoia which simply means “a transformation of the mind”. There is no guilt, shame, or punishment associated with it.

16. Religion in Western history became an instrument of power instituted by the Holy Roman Empire that continues unto this day. Spiritualism of all kinds are forbidden not because they are evil, but because they are threat to religion.

17. It is a hard pill to swallow that many of the “well intentioned institutions” of the public are at best ill advised or at worst charities for the rich and powerful. The medical industry for example is an institution of corruption, shame, and holistic ignorance particularly in the United States. Charity groups that manage to convince the public that their money will stop abuse and homelessness are equally misguided. Money does nothing to solve these problems. But we are addicted to our failed solutions, as much as we are addicted to our problems.

18. There is no argument or amount of money that will save ourselves. The only thing that can save ourselves is the light that we are within. The brighter we shine, the more the darkness recedes. It is no match for the power of the human soul, for the human soul is a gateway to the truest stars, unconditional love, the ethereal heavens, the planes that only a few experience and the many have only imagined and many more have forsaken.

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

She of the Moon and Starry Skies

If you follow love’s heart alone, you will not be disappointed, for he has been with you all along, and she has with him the beloved of your dreams, she of the moon and the starry skies, who kisses those who reach the surface of the ocean’s deep, to take the light into the darkness below.

Two of Swans
  1. Attachment. Who we believe we are in the world is expressed in our attachment to aspects of the world. We become bound to them. Over time, we become stuck. Eventually we become them.
  2. Comfortable Pain. We would rather feel familiar pain and agony than feel ourselves. Our dramatic stories of love lost and heroic feats of unrecognized kindness, like television and music and movies, become distractions that carry us away. And the longer we do this, the less willing we become – unless by some divine intervention – to realize this folly of our life. In most cases, if some do discover this little truth, most learn to make regret their bedfellow and so they create even newer distractions until they find the final distraction in their own death.
  3. Deep Divers. As we dive deeper into who we are, we give ourselves permission to enjoy certain levels of the deep for a time, to stay and look around and become familiar if not proud. There be dragons and there be egos here. But then one day we get a tiny peek at how much deeper is our vast universe and at the moment, fear strikes our heart – for deep space is lonely and dark – and we recoil, hoping to go back to ego and dragons. But we surprisingly find we that we cannot go back, for we have discovered that the current level of existence is not authentic to the depth that Self is, and so we face a choice: we can either stay in what is not truly ourselves, or we can gather up the courage and love to go towards ourselves even deeper.
  4. Healthy and Unhealthy Ego. Our egos are not by themselves bad. The ego can be roughly understood to be a boundary of identity and a living energetic being that by and large reflects who we want to be in the world. Just like the body, the ego requires care and support and nourishment. But most people don’t pay attention to energetic bodies. They can barely pay mind to their own physical body, let alone something they cannot see with their two eyes. Unhealthy egos spend most of their time defending themselves and preventing the person who holds the ego from growing or transforming into something outside of it. The ego will defend itself against anything that threatens to change it – at all costs. It justifies even the most cruel actions against its imagined enemies because anything foreign to it is a danger and a threat. To make matters worse, the ego will call this self defensive love and will use love as a way to justify its own brutality against itself and others. At this point the ego is simply thriving on fear alone and it feeds off the fear of others as well, for “others” are always an enemy to the ego-self who fears its own demise. On the other hand, an ego that is truly powerful and healthy is fluid and can transform itself depending on its condition without harming or diluting its integrity. The healthy ego embraces difference and truly stands in love without compromising its integrity. This healthy state of ego is not easy to achieve in a culture that celebrates the unhealthy ego.
  5. Children of Egos. Kids who are raised by unhealthy fear-based egos become driven by fear and illusion. They become the world that their parents created for themselves. If a child, as he grows, does not uncover this deception for himself and ascend above it, he will continue to cultivate the diseases and neuroses that will finally ruin him. Some call this karma. I call it travesty. We all have an opportunity to heal not only ourselves, but all the generations that preceded us.
  6. Withholding Love. The vibration of love is deep and passionate and it arouses the feelings of unity and compassion and connection to all the world. How do you know you are far from your true self? You simply need to notice your indifference towards all the others, especially those from you withheld love.
  7. Love as a Threat. We withhold love from others because we are afraid of the intensity of it. Many people – most people (or should I say egos) – find love to be a threat. And they are not wrong.
  8. Destruction. Love strips away all that isn’t you. It will tear your heart out if it believes it to be a fake. Make no mistake, you are never destroyed by love. The only thing that love destroys is that which does not allow you to love. Let it die.
  9. Love Destroys Ego. The first thing ipso facto that love destroys is the ego. Not half of the ego, not three-quarters, but all of it.
  10. Love Heals. Music does not heal. Only love heals. Music that is created inside love will heal. The rest will be destroyed in time and space and forgetfulness.
  11. Vibration. Art that does not match the vibration of love will fall to the wayside. It doesn’t matter how popular it becomes, it will not resonate. It doesn’t matter how expensive a piece of art is, you will not be able to hear it in the hearts of mankind. Just because you hear the music in the grocery store and in the cars of babes, it doesn’t mean that it flows in the blood and the soul of the universe.
  12. Adoration. What is adored by the world is an illusion that ego loves to entertain. But who is adored by you is in love towards you the same.

Love and Yoga

“Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move.”


1. Atrophy. Everything has a force that wants to fall apart and sink back into the earth for decomposition and regeneration. Everything that is, except love.

2. Use it or Lose it. What you do not use will fall into atrophy. This includes ideas, inspirations, and hopes. If we do not manifest them, they will fight like fire to reach back into the stars. Love does not allow waste and laziness or preoccupations with frivolities.

3. Integrity. Love is a holistic high-frequency energetic force that strives to expand and embrace in its expansion. There is no destruction of this force. No beginning and no end.

4. Alignment Everything that does not align with the nature of love will fall away and decompose.

5. Stubborn. Most of the material world is stuck energy. The energy of the chair you are sitting in remains fixed inside its contained form and structure, both internal and external. The more binding its components are the longer it remains stuck. We can become stuck in matter as well, stuck in mind, stuck in heart. Many call this love and and on earth for thousands of years, we have tried make love something that is sticky and binding, attempting to imitated its unifying nature. But being stuck has nothing to do with love. Love is always freedom and fluidity.

6. Greed. We tend to collect to many things such as objects, money, attention, fame when we don’t know how to manifest from the living energy itself.

7. Creative energy is like rain water: it is free and it is always seeking to find its way into the ground.

8. Grounding. You are a living lightening rod for creative energy. It is your destiny. But like all electricity, that energy must be grounded, otherwise it will kill you.

9. Frustration. Most people are ungrounded and that makes them angry and spiteful. Nothing, they think, seems to go right for them. But what they don’t know is that things are not going right
because they are trying to make things happen for them, instead of manifesting them from their own energy field. In other words, they are trying to use ego to manifest and ego is always violent and unjust.

10. Undefinable. Love does not try to own or stick to anything. What it does is embraces and expands. Love is the expansion of a universe that is all-encompassing. It is both container and contained and containing nothing. It is the one.

11. Limits. Language has limits that love does not. This is why music is better suited to expressing love. However, even music has its limits. At the end of the day, the best expression of love is your own living heart, and that is only for you and the beloved to experience.

12. Understanding. Our desire to understand love often leads us to believing that our very understanding of it is love. Then we begin to believe that the representation of love is what love is. In this reality, we are for the most part constantly replacing what is real with what is false – and suffering for it. Our understanding does not have the capacity to understand anything about love.

13. Tantric Yoga. The best we can do is stand in love and express it to the best of our ability. The virtues in the words of Jesus, in Yoga, in any doctrine are an attempt to pattern our behaviors and thoughts inside of love. But still even these are not love. They are simply a human way to align with it in order to better manifest the intention of love energy.

14. Resistance towards Love. Love will often tear things and people apart in order to keep them properly together. Our false understanding of love doesn’t like this and will write dramatic songs about it.

15. Love is Peace. All the agony and war of the world would fall away naturally inside love. And it does.

16. Cupid is not the Enemy. Time and space are perspectives. Love has zero regard for them. Who you connect to on a deep soul level – who you truly and actually love – is not up to your decision making or plans.

17. Desire. For the millionth time, love has nothing to do with desire. Desire always comes from a place of lack and need, like hunger or thirst.

18. Our relationship to love is complicated. We want it to be what is not. We want to make happen for ourselves. The only way to love is to be love and the only way to be love is to find its energy expression within yourself enough to ground and create from it. It is the only way to bliss and happiness, to union, to yoga.

Quantum Consciousness

“After the conversations about Indian philosophy, some of the ideas of Quantum Physics that had seemed so crazy suddenly made much more sense.”

Werner Heisenberg

“When the province of physical theory was extended to encompass microscopic phenomena through the creation of quantum mechanics, the concept of consciousness came to the fore again. It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to the consciousness.”

Eugene Wigner
  1. Consider that every object, every plant, every animal, and every human being is the projected manifestation of an incredibly advanced carbon-based biotechnology.
  2. A rock appears to be fixed in shape and size. But we know that as water is allowed to pass over and around it, that same rock will gradually lose its shape and size. It may even lose its place. This transformation can happen only in time and in space and in the dimensions of time and space. On earth, this is a very slow process unless the binding energy of the atomic molecules is weak, like in soap that is clumped together for example. It is easy for water to wash over soap and dissolve it. Not so easy in the case of iron. In the case of the human being’s body, we are mostly made of water. Consider that if our cells did not regenerate, we would not survive for very long in this current body.
  3. “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” – Niels Bohr
  4. Perhaps the life expectancy of a human being is simply a function of how well that body can regenerate itself to peak or at least better than optimal performance.
  5. Death is a failure to regenerate. It has no affect upon the creative consciousness. However, the consciousness loses access to the tool that is the physical form.
  6. “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” – Heraclitus
  7. We are not even spiritual beings, but we are consciousness that can manifest ourselves as spiritual beings or any beings whatsoever. We ourselves are a potential in the quantum field. But manifesting on earth using carbon technology allows for something that feels “permanent”, “fixed” and “slow”. So many people feel stuck where they are. They have lost sight of the door. All eyes are doors to consciousness.
  8. “There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors.” – Jim Morrison.
  9. The fluidity of our perception, our imagination, is a reflection of pure consciousness and its power to create with an energy that cannot survive for very long. It quickly moves back into the source of consciousness until consciousness wants to create again. To kiss another would require a regeneration or a manifestation of energy, must like a spirit needs to use energy to manifest itself to the human eye. In any case, earth was once created to reflect the dimensions of energies that could not possibly survive on earth, in order to create something that persists longer than a kiss.
  10. Earth is a field created for manifestation. It is a giant playground. But to manifest on earth, it takes time and space and great energy. This makes many children miserable. You cannot think of being on a boat and suddenly be on a boat. Other dimensions don’t have that limitation, however other dimensions don’t have durability or persistence either. For this reason other dimensions feel too fluid and free, and earth often feels like a prison.
  11. Video games and virtual reality and social media were invented to simulate other dimensions. But they don’t satisfy us on earth. We are still separated by bodies, and it doesn’t matter how many friends we make online, if we do not ascend to the higher realms in our consciousness, then we cannot connect with others in a deep and profound and permanent way. Once more people can do this, speaking across the wire will become a sacred act of pure consciousness. In other words, we will all engage in telepathic communication, our birthright.
  12. The field of unified consciousness is a field of quantum possibility and so it must also allow all possibilities – including the restriction of possibility.
  13. Balance is always the goal when it comes to life on earth. We still have not achieved this balance. It is a work in progress. This is why we suffer. But individuals can practice the spiritual disciplines or invent their own through art and music. There is always a way for us to overcome our suffering, for suffering is rooted in a misunderstanding about the nature of our world and ourselves within it.
  14. The balance between our masculine and feminine energies or lack thereof constitutes the source of our most agonizing problems. English tried to remove this problem by remove masculine and feminine nouns. Of course the remove achieved nothing.
  15. Aristotle coined the term “the golden mean” which is another way to say “balance”. He knew that we were far from achieving it, but that it was the only goal that earthlings should have. All extremes, no matter how good they are perceived to be, are detrimental to life in some way. This includes spiritualism.
  16. Early thinkers were much more fluid than modern thinkers are. They were still deeply affected by the imagination and its spiritual roots in the extra-terrestrial dimensions. The word for “boat” in Greek is the same word for Aristotelian “matter”. Not very scientific. Aristotle attempted to remedy this problem be defining the limitation and boundaries of things in consciousness. He created the foundation for the scientific mind. Yet to this day, we still have difficulty with boundaries and the nature of things. It is still not as clear as the mind would like.
  17. Today’s earth marks an excessive obsession with mind and formulation. While earlier cultures clung to their imaginative fluidity and connection to the divine, we are afraid of it and those who practice it are often shunned and cut off from the rest of the humanity.
  18. Fear and anxiety and depression in most people could be resolved by simply becoming aware that most of the things they worry about do not even exist. Yoga will help facilitate this. Not yoga designed to give you great abs, but yoga designed to strengthen and relax the body so that the consciousness can begin to let go and open its eye.
  19. Objects and essences of earth can become quite trapped in their manifested forms. Animals are always fixed within their forms to a very great extent. Human beings less so, but most of us become as trapped as the animals are. The animals however do not mind their forms. They are pure acceptance. We are not. Why? We are consciousness and a consciousness of potential. We are magic. We are magicians.
  20. Animal spirits or guides are generated for us from within the spiritual dimensions, to help teach us about our limitations and how we might overcome them. For example, you might have an affinity for or a liking towards wolves, without really understanding why. Later, if you travel further in your spiritual journey, you might one day meet your spirit guide, the wolf. You will then have a profound understanding of your connection to the nature of a wolf. Your entire life will begin to make sense.
  21. Plato had a name for the way things are formulated upon the earth. They are first conceived of as forms (eidos). Eidos is simply a cognate of the Greek verb meaning “to see”. We see what we are able to see and we see the things that are able to be seen.
  22. “Observations not only disturb what is to be measured, they produce it.” – Pascual Jordan
  23. Our bodies have been designed to only see within a certain light and sound spectrum. Our sense of touch is also designed to respect the fixed boundaries of forms. However, there is one organ that allows us to maintain a connection to spectrums that are far beyond what the body itself can perceive. The ancient Egyptians knew about this organ, what we call the pineal gland. The Eye of Horus, the third eye, is shaped like a pineal gland.
  24. Once your third eye is opened, you may start to see the true reality of things, that they are much more fluid than you can see with the two eyes and that there are certain forces and energies like gravity that keep things in place. You can see objects and their energies move and quiver, like they want to collapse into something else, but cannot do so due to the laws of nature established in this ecosystem. It is a fascinating thing to experience.
  25. As the consciousness of humanity rises, so will our ability to achieve joy and bliss on this earth, for we will be free of the false fears and anxieties that have held us back and we will learn how to easily create whatever it is our dreams call us to create.

Namaste. Shanti Shanti Shanti.

“Ancient wisdom and quantum physicists make unlikely bedfellows: In quantum mechanics the observer determines (or even brings into being) what is observed, and so, too, for the Tiwis, who dissolve the distinction between themselves and the cosmos. In quantum physics, subatomic particles influence each other from a distance, and this tallies with the aboriginal view, in which people, animals, rocks, and trees all weave together in the same interwoven fabric.”

Huston Smith

Treasure Hunt

1. When we cannot inspire ourselves, we look to a group of people to provide that inspiration for us.

2. The “collective” in anything is simply just strength in numbers. So many have lost their way in the collective.

3. When you begin to get to know yourself, you begin to learn how to love yourself and you begin to realize what a magical adventure you are.

4. The truth is that humanity cannot handle its own truth, so it mostly pretends to be simple.

5. Group-think or hive mind is a necessary survival mechanism designed to keep everything appearing small and insignificant.

6. We have two choices: to live in order to survive or to live. Most choose survival.

7. You will not actually find yourself in a belief system, a religion, a career, or a talent. Nor will anyone be able to help you find yourself. There is no amount of money you can pay to access the privilege that is you. No, you must learn to look in the mirror. That is all. And look deeply and with profound love and forgiveness, like you would your own child.

8. If all of humanity woke up, the game of earth would cease. That is not a desirable outcome because most have not yet discovered self-love. Self love is a prerequisite for true human freedom. Until then, we remain safely in our own mental imprisonment.

9. Only a few must be awakened, for they are the creators and the artists of their generations. They must live in the source of art, not in the deceit of it. If they choose to live in the deceit, they will remain imitators instead of creators, slaves forever.

10. Music is a vibration that is loved by the vibration that it matches. But the real art and power of music is in its ability to transform the vibration of the body, the emotional body, the energetic body, the subtle astral body: all bodies. Music is life.

11. Music is the essence of who we are. It can lock us within a tomb or it can raise us above the skies.

12. Everyday speech is an extremely weak method for true communication, its faith in itself conceals its own mediocrity.

13. Most people spend their lives in mindless chatter and nonsense. This is the root cause of their anxiety and depression. Confusion is a kind of noise. It is music that makes no sense at all. It is the true meaning of torture. Make no mistake. The modern mind is a torture chamber in the highest degree.

14. This modern world is designed from top to bottom to be a giant distraction from who we are. It is a combination of Dante’s hell and Chinese water torture and endless repeats of Happy Days. We are both addicted to and allergic to this distraction. If there is one word that could describe the modern world it would be misery.

15. Computers have not improved communication. They have limited it, confined it to empty echoes in the wires and the ether.

16. Because people have lost the art of communication, they have become fearful of what other might say about them.

17. The modern world wants the individual to care about what the modern world thinks of him or her.

18. Most people follow a religion for the sake of survival, not illumination or love. This is why religious zealotry is so common: their greatest fear is that they are wrong about what happens after death.

19. The English word religion is derived from the Latin religio which means to bind or to yoke together. Compare to the Sanskrit, yoga, which also means union, specifically union of the lower self with the higher self or the divine.

20. The Western religions are presented in half-truths simply because their relationship with eastern religions has been deliberately severed from view. The roots of this tree are many, but one still grows in full view, albeit ignored by the generic Jewish population, namely Mystical Kabbalah or Qabalah as the western occultists like to call it. Either way, Jewish mysticism has a deep connection to early Christian mysticism, as well as a connection to early pagan mystery cults. Such things have been scrubbed from modern churches and synagogues.

21. The glue that keeps modern society together is equal to the energy exerted by its component parts. The component parts are you and me and everyone else who participates in this game. The glue is your soul energy. And make no mistake – it is a sacrifice. The true deal with the devil has already been done.

22. The devil in the red suit with horns belongs in children’s stories. Jesus never spent time with such a one. The devil he spent time with and successfully resisted with is the one you have already welcomed into your home, your heart, your bed.

23. In the Greek New Testament, the word for repentance is metanoia. It means to overcome the mind and set attention to something beyond it (towards the divine). How do you elevate your mind? You learn to focus its attention on something else. But first you must learn how to not to drown inthe choppy waters of the mental space. chitta vritti nirodha: “a cessation of the waves of the mind-stuff.” – Yoga Sutras 1:2.

24. We all have psychic powers and gifts. But they cannot be unveiled unless we calm the chatter of the mind. The world is designed to hide our gifts. Are you ready for a treasure hunt?

25. Love is difficult when we only perceive it in terms of possession and loss. Once we begin to elevate our consciousness we enter the sea of eternal love where beloved and lover are already experienced as one. This is the bliss of ultimate awareness, ultimate ecstasy.

26. If you understand the New Testament, you understand the Yoga Sutras. The miracles of Jesus are the miracles of Self.

27. There are no miracles in the world. There are only powers and energy.

28. We believe in miracles only due to our limited perception of what reality is. Nothing more. Nothing less. There are spirits and energies of other dimensions all around you. How do I know? I see them. How can I see them? I have done the work and am still doing the work.

29. We are in such a sorry state of consciousness that many find it hard to believe that the spirits of our ancestors spend much time with us.

30. The general public is in a trance like state, which means you are in in a trance like state. Be wary of those who believe they are fully awake. These are the ones who are mostly asleep.

31. What are we entranced by? Music/Television/Movies/Politics and then we becomes entranced by their imitations in the form of family, friends, co-workers. We all choose our role. We all choose our costumes. The children who have not yet chosen are the only light we have. The animals are the only truth we cling to. Many give up if they hear these words and they blame society. They need to quiet themselves and look in the mirror and walk through it. That is the only true salvation. In mirrors, we can learn how to walk on water.

32.You will never have a firm foundation for dreams if you cling to the ones that no longer work or serve you. Dare to be a fool. Dare to take a leap of faith.

33. Listen to your heart. You are loved and you are guided. You are a beautiful light that does not lie, cheat, or steal. You deserve the world for there is a universe within you, behind the shroud.


Arjuna, the forces of nature are harmony, restless activity, and inactivity (sattvarajas, and tamas). They arise from the creative energy (prakriti) which binds the indestructible one fast to the physical body.

Bhagavad Gita

…You mock my blindness, do you? But I say that you, with both your eyes, are blind

Sophocles, 400-401

1. As above, so below. As inside, so outside.

2. The stars reflect the inner world. They were created to remind us of who we are and where we are from. Just as we possess a material and etheric body, so do the stars.

3. Elohim (”the mighty ones”) created mankind in the image of themselves.

4. All the representations of love in culture and society are images and reflections. They are all idolatry. What we call the real world is really a beautiful imitation. But we become absorbed in it.

5. Absorption in the world leads to pain and misery.

6. Yoga Sutras 2.3 There are five kinds of illusions (kleshas): 1) forgetting, or ignorance about the true nature of things (avidya), 2) I-ness, individuality, or egoism (asmita), 3) attachment or addiction to mental impressions or objects (raga), 4) aversion to thought patterns or objects (dvesha), and 5) love of these as being life itself, as well as fear of their loss as being death.
(avidya asmita raga dvesha abhinivesha pancha klesha)

7. There is no truth in this material realm. The two eyes will not lead you to love.

8. Meditation is not designed for relaxation. The goal of meditation is not to rid yourself of your ego or stress.

9. In order to meditate, you must learn to master ego and stress, thoughts and emotions. Then you can meditate.

10. Most of us live life in a continual state of preparation. We are always planning to better ourselves, and we usually go in the wrong direction, thinking it is the correct path. Ten years later, out of weariness, we remember our younger aspirations, and we quickly distract ourselves away from our own illusions with convincing excuses and explanations.

11. True passionate love is there for your to express, but we bury it in weakness and longing. That is only natural however when you starve something to death.

12. Our mind is not evil. Our ego is not evil. There are no people or things that do not serve you. Everything is a lesson. You can choose to take it or deny it. It is all there for you. Every minute of every day, your life is presented to your vision for consideration of the lesson.

13. When people first begin to meditate, they quickly give up because nothing is happening and the mind takes over wandering every which way. It is difficult for the novice to control the mind, and it causes much suffering because our minds are always a bad neighborhoods when left to their own devices. But if one wants to progress in life, one needs to start cleaning up somewhere. Don’t be afraid of the dirt, just notice it and remove it. If it comes back, remove it again. Eventually, it will get the message.

14. The practice of removing thoughts is like cleaning a dirty window so you can see through it. Yes, in the beginning the thoughts will keep coming back or new thoughts will take their place. Eventually, however, you will be showing who is boss.

15. Once you have started clearing the thoughts, you will still have some grime that remains. It will distort your vision, but you will still make out the shapes and the faces of a universe that is nothing other than magical.

16. You do not find your power in the external. Your power is always within. All of us experience it, filtered through the material realm. And yes, we abuse it, or cast it aside, or try to possess it out of greed and lust. But as we know, all things in this material world come and go, despite the fact that we worship it as a living god. The frequency of these created things cannot withstand the test of time. However, they are often sourced in those higher eternal frequencies, and it is possible to locate yourself there outside the material dimension.

17. Jesus was a healer and could walk on water because he was not of this material world, not because he was a fiction.

18. The world we perceive through the fives senses is a tiny grain of sand compared to the entire universe you have access to.

19. Once you peer through the window of your intuitive eye, you will realize that the window is a door.

20. John Lennon dreamed of us living as one. This is because he knew that we are already one.

21. Separation is an illusion that causes us great pain and misery. We can feel at war with the world, each other, and ourselves. This is due to the nature of the world in regards to its apparent consistency and adherence to Newtonian Laws of physics. Everything remains the same and yet it changes. We like things to remain the same.

22. The quantum field is the only true constancy. But it is a constant field of possibilities that be conjured up through creative powers.

23. All creative endeavor accesses the quantum field of possibility. This is our natural and subconscious connection to “diety”. Yet most art, especially the unoriginal type of art, is heavily reliant upon material mind and memory – it uses the familiarity of the physical world as a means of expression. In other words, it offers no new perspective. Phenomenon such as Mozart, the Beatles, Nietzsche, are examples of creative individuals who truly reinvented the flow of their respective material realms.

24. Invention is our connection to source. Memory is our connection to humanity.

25. What is worth seeing forever is not seen through the eyes. The blind have a distinct advantage over the rest of the population. Most people however wrongly think of them as disabled.

26. The material powers of this world will always work against the one who wants to tap into true inventiveness and creativity. The material world is designed to attract heroes who wish to overcome it. In Christianity, this is called the devil. Jesus spent a lot of time with the devil.

27. Most people stay away from things they consider demonic, like yoga or tarot reading. This avoidance is actually a work of the very “devil” they say they fear. It is a test that will not pass if t hey don’t overcome their own devil.

28. You are never alone. There are spirit guides with you. If you enter a deep state of meditation, you will see them. Some appear in the form of humans or animals or simply light beings. Once you witness them, you will never suffer again by anything any human being can do to you.

29. Many wonder: well, if spirit guides are with me, why don’t they help me? First of all, there is free will. You must ask and you must ask in earnest from a place of unconditional love. Note also that the “me” you are talking about it is the material “me”, the “mini me”, the one that is projected into the material world. That “me” you want help for might require some hard medicine. You have to be willing to take the medicine.

20. A lifetime in the world is a phenomenal blip that emerges from the quantum field. Most of us don’t last very long.

21. Who you are is nothing that you can imagine, and even if you could imagine it, it would be wrong and unconvincing.

22. The only way to experience the self is through meditation. There is no other way. The third eye must be opened.

23. Most people’s third is (pineal gland) has been calcified due to fluoride and other environmental/health factors. It is possible to decalcify it through died and Reiki.

24. Your body must be prepared to handle the ascension of self. If you wish to take that path, practice grounding yourself first. Otherwise, you will fly too far afield where There Be Dragons. Every spiritual endeavor must be balanced with a foot or two upon the earth.

25. Children cling to their blanket. You cling to everything that persists around you.

26. We are children and will remain children until we choose not to be.

27. There is a divine will that works through you, and if you do not follow it, you will not be fulfilled when you die. It is for the reason, you will be reincarnated again until you learn to follow it.

28. There are people who deny the divine exists. You can see their souls swimming against the current as they complain about the difficulty of life and how if a God or spiritual entity were present, they wouldn’t suffer so much.

29. Some people read every challenge as if it were an eternal stop sign guarded by an angel of the fiery sword.

30. We are all guided at different times and at different levels and speeds. The only requirement is to be aware of your journey. Yet so many insist on writing books and twitter posts about how everyone else should be approaching life as they do.

31. You are your only teacher. The other teachers outside of you should only be guides to lead you back to yourself.

32. My greatest love and lover never touched me. He pointed me in the direction of my soul and I have traveled there and beyond. There is no greater gift in the universe, this love, this life, this magical beauty that is the truth of our existence.

He is the sun to my moon; the awareness to my subconscious; the universe to my tiny breath.