What Shines Upon

“Well then”, Socrates began to ask “is it clear that there all sorts of different (base) forms that a soul can take on in accordance with what he pays attention to?”

“Clearly”, Cebes answered. “How not?”

Plato, Phaedo, 82a

be gentle to your heart with the light of earth,
and do not be too greedy with her bright gifts,
but instead return all of what she gave to you
for regardless of what you do, in a few hours
her great light will run away from you again,
beneath the horizon, behind graying clouds
the train of darkness will ever carry her down
to return, yes, but not how you remember
for she shines only upon what she wants us to

so listen to the wisdom teachers of the ages,
the ones who warned of addictive pleasures
and boring attachments that burden so many;
unlearn the longing despair for fleeting things:
the world is not here to make our souls forever,
for none can make forever what is already forever
but we can learn of beings becoming unbecoming
how they present for curious and fearless minds
as a recreation of eternal light in space and time.
shining only upon what we want us to.

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