Thoughts from the Tower of Oz

So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. That is why it was called Babel —because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth.

Genesis 11.8-9

1. It is an illusion that anyone is ever doing anything to you. They are only ever doing it to themselves. You are either lucky or an unfortunate casualty.

2. It is also an illusion that you can deliberately affect another person. What they receive from you is completely outside the realm of your imagination.

3. We create what happens to us before it happens, as it happens, and after it happens. There is of course the question, What is actually happening?

4. The mind can witness the entire landscape and cause us to feel satisfied even though we miss ninety-percent of everything. Maybe make that one hundred and ten percent of everything. Maybe just everything.

5. “Everything” is something we can mentally grasp as a limited amount of infinite “stuff”. In other words, we cannot grasp it, which is a lot of stuff not to grasp.

6. Most people have very low self-worth and confidence. They try to fill it with money, the desire for money, working for money; fame, the desire for fame, working for fame; attention, the desire for attention, working for attention. Whatever it is, they are ever attempting to find something outside of themselves to fulfill them and give them the self-worth they think they lack. The people around them experience this energy as “I am not enough for myself. I need proof of my value.” and so the people around them either believe it and feel equally miserably ambitious, or they feel miserably dejected and walk away. There are of course the select few who can only just laugh. They don’t walk away, but they don’t stay either, except for the popcorn.

7. Lack of self-worth is like the sun thinking it lacks its shine.

8. How many lies can a human being live in? Answer: The precise amount that will kill them completely.

9. Watching grown adults begging for attention on the Internet is in my top ten most heartbreaking things about being human.

10. If everyone was aware of their own power and used it to fight for truth, justice, and the good, we wouldn’t need social media.

11. Are you bouncing off of your experiences, or are you actively creating them?

12. If you are waiting for that “big break”, that “opportunity” in the form of an invitation from another human being, you are waiting for the devil’s party. And guess what? Eventually you will be invited, but not in the way you imagined.

13. People (and gods) who are powerful know who they are, but they don’t beat others over the head over it, instead they use it to carry others with them.

14. Remember when you were a kid in the swimming pool begging mommy to watch how long you could hold your breath under water? Mommy pretended to be amazed and deep down you knew that. That is why you are still looking for attention – especially from women or those who are easily impressed.

15. Great leaders are rare; people who want a leader are common. From where do most people seek to gain acceptance and validation that they are important? Most people of course, all and sundry.

16. We are not even a dog chasing their tail. We are a tail chasing a dog that is chasing its tail. Ad infinitum.

17. If I had one wish it would be that everyone would recognize the quantum plain and the material expression of it via our mind as the true nature of reality.

18. These are not words you are looking at it. These are simply electrical signals that are being mechanically and logically translated into your field of vision. The only being you are truly experiencing right now is yourself imagining I am saying something to you.

19. You are always only ever speaking with yourself.

20. The world is entirely one, but not according to the third dimensional mind that, of course, likes to talk about it the most.

21. Social media is a third dimensional imitation of the collective consciousness. In the collective consciousness you don’t have to tweet your thoughts. You just have to think them.

22. When you tap into the collective consciousness, the universe will begin to speak to you in riddles, dreams, and symbols. You won’t tell anyone because they will think you are crazy. You know the truth however, because for the first time, you begin to know that all of “this” is speaking through and with you at the same time.

23. What people think they are saying to you, they are not saying at all. They are always simply betraying what they are trying to hide. Most don’t notice this however, and so the magic trick continues to impress.

24. Children think they are clever liars. Adults think they are even more clever liars than children. The truth is they are worse than children, mostly because in children, there is less of the lie than in the adult.

25. It is possible to make someone tell you the truth, simply by demanding it with your thoughts. It works with kids. It can work with grown ups.

26. Reading between the lines doesn’t always work. You might be looking inside empty spaces. What you really want to do is consider whether or not they actually are lines at all.

27. Most people spend their entire lives begging for scraps, beginning with the scraps thrown at them from friends and family. That is the real reason for the high rate of homelessness. No one is exempt from that unfortunate outcome.

28. We are a very sick society. Anyone who denies this is also sick.

29. The people who cry against the “injustice” of society and the “imbalance” of income are the ones who want to be part of that society the most. They are not rebellious or revolutionaries, although they pretend to be as such in order to be able to live with themselves.

30. Who we want to think we are is often a beautiful shroud used to conceal our own deplorable behavior and/or thoughts. This is often called the ego and it is the greatest barrier we have to our true power and happiness.

31. The greatest illusion of all time is that we appear to communicate our inner world through speech. If everyone knew the truth, our entire society would break down, yes. And this will happen one day but only because we will have rediscovered that true communication happens through a means that is other than speech and hearing. But most of us are not ready to hear, let alone talk, about that.

32. And on that day, we will know the truth about the Lord, as spoken about and handed down for generations. That perhaps the speeches about the Lord, as translated into English from the Hebrew by some human being is not the voice of God, but is something entirely other than the true God. Are we ready for that truth yet? Are we ready for the Wizard of Oz?

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