Love is music. Emotions are emotions.

1) Who told you that the masks you wear are more beautiful than what they conceal? Answer: yourself and your so-called mindful emotions.

2) Your emotional difficulties are fertile fields waiting to receive the tears and sunshine of your love. Instead what they get is a psychoanalysis, or if that is too hard, an iPad. For those who are technically challenged, Game of Thrones episodes suffice.

3) Most have pretended all their lives. They pretend through their obsessions of career, of money, of fame, of passion. Obsessions are obstructions to your soul. Their noise prevents you from hearing your soul-song. Why do you have a soul song? Because you are love and love is the vibration that connects and transmutes all other vibrations into harmony and balance.

4) Emotions are wild dragons. The problem is that very few believe in dragons, and even more disbelieve in love.

5) Life requires balance. It requires great effort balanced by great relaxation. It requires thinking about material matters and experiencing spiritual ones. There are no “good” ingredients for a good life. It is all about the mixture, the mixing, and the mixer. It is all about music-making. But what, you ask, are you supposed to be mixing and blending? Answer: all and every aspect of yourself.

6) How do you find yourself? Answer: Remove everything that isn’t yourself. Do it every day. Whatever remains is the real “you”. You will then have no questions about what to do. The idea of even asking someone else such a question will feel absurd.

7) The only way to heal pain is to add love to it. Put it on a fire. Stir frequently until it completely boils out and releases into the skies. But, you say, love hurts. That is not love,my friend. Love never hurts; though it is true, many people hurt love.

8) Most people “handle” their emotions through their mind, which is no different than constantly thrusting a dagger through your own heart. You bleed, you scar, and you begin the creation of your biological armor. Eventually your heart becomes so protected and hidden from view, that even the sound of it beating, as if it were a ghost of some dead loved one, sends chills up your spine and tears down your cheeks. You scream in anger, in sadness, in complete and utter despair. You gnash your teeth against god and love and the universe. Nothing makes any sense. No surprise, since much of what the mind thinks is absolute nonsense to begin with.

9) The general population generally only allows their emotional body to express itself inside movies or television or music. The idea of expressing oneself is so foreign to them that it is considered to be “bad manners” to do so in public. And maybe there is a shred of truth to what they consider, if we remember that the general man or woman expresses their feelings in terms of mental constructs, which of course are always more course and barbaric than any caveman drawing ever could be.

10) We are so feral that we believe that there are two choices: to be polite or to be cruel.

11) Music that is born in anger is just anger.

12) Music that is born in love is always just music.

13) Most people believe that love is an emotion. Now read all twelve items above.

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