Heartfulness, Not Mindfulness

Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.

Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5; Yerushalmi Talmud 4:9, Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 37a.

1. You don’t need to fit in. You just need to find where you are supposed to be.

2. There is nothing to change about yourself. The only thing that may need change is what you believe about yourself. After that, all the other changes follow.

3. Most people take action to change their life when they become fearful or plagued by worry. They feel like they must make the change “or else.” They look for a new job because the old job is making them unhappy or doesn’t pay enough. They look for a new relationship because the current one causes them unease. They move house because the old one is becoming stale. They are coming from a feeling of lack in order to find abundance. It takes a lot of strength of soul to stop this cycle and to give yourself the time and love you need to find your joy, your abundance, and your power. Once you find that, you will no longer be led by an invisible chain that pulls your body joylessly backwards and forwards in a seemingly endless cycle of hope and desperation.

4. The new age movement speaks often of being “mindful”. We don’t need more mindfulness. What we need is more heartfulness.

5. Being open hearted does not mean being more emotional or being more caring. In order for your heart to open, all the armor you currently have around it must completely shatter. And it will do so into a million sharp pieces that will cut, bleed, and give you immense pain until you purge it all completely. Then you will be free.

6. In order to choose divorce in a marriage, you must first realize that you are first and foremost divorcing from the person you used to be when you entered the marriage.

7. For most people, endings mean death which means pain an suffering and loss. So few see that endings are a new glorious beginnings ripe with inspiration, dreams and possibility.

8. All our problems stem from our thinking that death is an end.

9. Esoterica or esoteric knowledge is knowledge that is available but hidden not by design, but by the very nature its subject matter.

10. Astral projection, astral traveling: all of it is real and what you experience there holds the keys to universe.

11. Everything that I write is something I am experiencing. I am not preaching. I am telling my story.

12. What we think we need or want in life in terms of material desires are shadows compared to the luminous light that we truly are. The fire will always give warmth. But how many fires fear they are have lost their fire?

13. In humanity, insanity is the only reliable rule. That is why we often get upgrades.

14. The mind becomes insane when it decides to no longer listen to the heart. The walls it builds are tremendous and deep. In many ways society is a collective consciousness that erects common barriers and protections for the hearts of its members. That is why there is no love to be found when you look “out there”. This is not an “evil” condition, but is a merciful one. Most people do better playing it safe.

15. True love is within us and within us are universes upon universes. Everyone else pretends that love is what the movies tell us.

16. We do not have awareness of our subconscious except in terms of our conscious mind. However, the heart has access to the subconscious in ways the mind itself can never imagine. You will see, hear, and feel the impossible if you experience life through the heart. The heart hears and plays its soul music.

17. Each of us has a soul song. If you find your divine counterpart, you will both here the same song. That is because everything is light energy, and light energy is vibratory. Your soul “mate” is the one who will hear your song because they are on your vibrational level.

18. Everything we perceive in this world is like a hologram. Our bodies are like computer keyboards and monitors. Virtual reality. Everyone who doesn’t know this doesn’t believe it and will never believe it – by design.

16. Without exception when anyone in society is talking about their emotions, they are referring to the branches and the leaves of old buried thoughts.

17. Popular wisdom is what people are willing to hear. Everything else is considered useless knowledge, as if such a thing were possible for us to know.

18. The mind can perceive very little about life. The senses, even less. But the illusion that mind affords us is great: the bigger and more complex the thought, the more robust the mind-tree, the more we think we know. But what we know is what mind says we knows – it knows nothing else. That is why eating from the tree of knowledge was forbidden. God was trying to spare us preserve our own abundance.

19. The heart has roots that will connect you to your soul mate, your true love, your soul family, the universal beings. That is where you will find empowerment, fulfillment, joy and of course love. But your mind will not get you there. Your ego will not get you there. Your pity and your longing and your desire will not get you there. The more you engage in those things, the more you are telling the universe that those things are what matters and have matter. Let them go, as illusions and dust of illusions into the wind, and feel your heart begin to open, finding expanse and freedom where once there was restriction, fear, anger and obstinacy. Save your own soul.

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