Tarot: Masculine Awakening

This tarot reading is a channeling regarding the masculine twin flame collective. I have been getting information for quite some time regarding issues around matters of money, particularly in the area of financial/material obligations/relationships. Since this is a new blog, I did not upload that information or the readings that helped me articulate that information. Today I am getting messages indicating that the masculines are beginning to wake up about the nature of themselves and the lives they have been living in. However, although they are eager to take action, they are finding things to be more challenging than that. The solution to this challenge demands that they go their own way. The ways they used to solve issues in life will no longer work.

As always, I like to remind the reader that tarot is not a fortune telling device. It is a channeling device that is particularly useful to those who receive vast amounts of information that often seems contradictory or difficult to parse. Thoughts about how the cards are chosen and how they appear is an article for another day, as it is still a topic I am exploring. All I know is that the cards work for me as a tool to see deeper into information I have been receiving previously and during the time of the reading. They provide further confirmation and ground my channeling in a way that I can see it visually. I am quite new to this visualization, so bear with me as I do this. I hope to eventually create some YouTube videos and do my readings there. But for now, I am more comfortable writing, since I am first and foremost, a writer.

Masculine Energy

As always, when I speak of masculine/feminine energy or masculine/
feminine in general, I am not referring to physical sexual orientation. We all carry both energies. Only you know which energies predominate in your disposition. I also use he/she pronouns, but they always refer to the energies, not the sexual orientation.

Masculine energy is all about making things happen, making dreams into reality, making a life that provides and moves one in the direction of a goal, a plan, an aspiration. Healthy masculine energy is the energy of powerful manifestation. It is so powerful that even when masculine energy is stuck or blocked or hindered, it will still try to find a way out by working around those blockages and even with them. Blockages are normal everyday challenges that the masculine will face when working on his goals. These can be very healthy and even rewarding on his path. However, there are other kinds of blockages that are not natural obstacles set to challenge him, but are of another more nefarious kind that can do immense damage to the overall psyche of the individual.

Masculines who have suffered damage to their natural will and focus have difficulty in manifesting what they want to achieve. In those cases, life never seems to go their way, and he usually finds himself reluctantly hitchhiking his way through life, while knowing deep down he is really meant to be driving his own car. Resentment of others, society, and the world at large becomes an easy release for his frustration.

The entire foundation of modern politics thrives on this dysfunctional male energy. Each politician thrives on their voters hating and despising not only their opponent, but the way things are in the world. And that doesn’t mean that things are not wrong in the world. There are plenty of areas that are worthy of development. The problem is that the politicians want the masculine to believe that they are the solution, and that he is not. This is a lie, but I will save that for another article.

There is a lot I can say in regard to this situation, but the most important thing to note in regards to this reading is that when the collective masculine is disempowered in areas of life, masculines become overrun by a tsunami of fear that never seems to stop swallowing all or some areas of their life. Instead of manifesting the world they want to manifest, they remain in a world of their mental imagination ruled by ego. They may become overly protective and stagnated in certain areas and so imbalances and disease increase as they age. They generally resist change in their lives because they want to maintain as much control as possible – they are holding on for dear life. They are tired, overworked, and try to compensate for this by engaging in addictive behaviors such as excessive activities involving alcohol, partying, drugs, sex, etc. Healthier minded masculines will opt for obsessions around video games, body obsessions, diet/weight obsessions, political zealotry, and various other modalities. They also generally form co-dependent and unhealthy relationships or groups of people with similar obsessions who allow them to continue to justify their lifestyle and attitudes about the world.

Considering this state of the collective masculine in modern Western society, I find this tarot reading to be encouraging, as I will show you.

So let’s now look at the cards.

The Cards

The Ten of Cups is often considered good news when it appears on the tarot table. But in this instance it appears in the reverse, which indicates that all that glitters is not gold. The appearance of the reversed Devil card mirrors the reversed Ten of Cups in a remarkable way. Its presence indicates that happiness has not been ruined, but that it never really was happiness in the first place – it was actually set in place by means of unhealthy relationships, imbalanced obligations/contracts, and unfulfilling conditions that dominated the masculine’s life. These unhealthy relationships can involve money in general, finance, jobs, marriages, love relationships, friendships, and family/ancestral patterns of behavior. If you are more interested in exploring the power of these kinds of relationships/bindings, you can do some research on Morphic Field Energy or Morphic Resonance.

So what is sparking this break in the illusion? This is no “tower” or divine moment of intervention. This unraveling has been born by the determination of the The Knight of Swords who incidentally is facing, with sword in hand, the illusory bliss as pictured in the Ten of Cups. Swords reflect mental decisions and awareness. He is seeing the illusion through mental work – mind awareness. He and his horse are determined to do what has to be done, which is to reveal the truth about the Ten of Cups in this instance. The truth is reflected in the reversed devil card which indicates a revelation or overturning of what has been an unhealthy relationship with family, friends, or perhaps a financial agreement of some kind. The clarification card, the reversed Six of Pentacles, confirms to me the financial or material nature of these unhealthy relationships.

It is important to remember that the Knight of Swords reflects a take-no-prisoners cowboy attitude. This awareness of the illusion is just a mental awareness, but the Knight seems to think that he is on his way to victory. Unfortunately, victory isn’t quite that easy. Mental awareness of what has deceived us in our lives is not enough to find a good solution or alternative to the deceit. It is one thing to know your friends are not being entirely honest with you or that you haven’t been entirely honest with yourself, and another to figure out how to deal with that knowledge in a way that works out well and fair for all. The problem can go quite deep, as individuals in society are profoundly influenced by common templates, paradigms, and belief systems. The solution is usually not at an individual level – it requires a search for root cause of the problem. This is why we have the Queen of Wands looking away from the Knight. He has gone outside the boundaries of her interest which is to go deeper than mental awareness and remove the blockages that prevent action.

The Queen of Wands wants grounded, balanced energetic solutions. She sits in the center of this layout. The feminine is the center of all this motion. It is her connection to the masculine (Six of Cups) that has propelled him to access his intuition about his current situation, namely, that he has not been living inside of his truth, and has instead been living inside a reality that has not been in alignment with his nature. But the Knight was too hasty to act on this information. He wanted to translate the insight into an action item. As such, she is now looking upon him, not as a Knight, but as someone who was just trying to beat all the others at some game of mind (Five of Swords). He has taken the action, but many in his circle have either energetically or physically walked away from him. The masculine, in his rebellion against society, is left isolated. His close alliance with his feminine as depicted in the Six of Cups, also shows a man walking away from them. The masculine is now outside the co-dependent relationships he used to previously rely on (Six of Pentacles) and has no choice but to find his path, to leave the cups behind in search of filling them in his own way (Eight of Cups).

Notice too that the masculine is walking away under the guidance of the moon energy in Eight of Cups. This again reflects his reunification with his feminine aspect, the aspect of intuitive power, esoteric soul connections, an attempt to balance his energies and reformulate his life path based on that balance. While he is not yet with his feminine counterpart in the physical realm (she is a moon), she is a strong presence guiding him by means of his heart even through the dark of night when he is alone.

It is interesting to note that the 9 of Cups (not in this reading) is where the masculine achieves his own cups. Once he achieves that, he will able to access true happiness (10 of Cups) on his own terms, and not on the terms of his old morphic field/relationships/society. In 10 of Cups, not only does he achieve that happiness through his own powers of manifestation, but he is also united to his feminine with whom he is able to manifest children and a legacy.

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