Being and Existence

“I am part of a light, and it is the music. The Light fills my six senses: I see it, hear, feel, smell, touch and think. Thinking of it means my sixth sense. Particles of Light are written note. A bolt of lightning can be an entire sonata. A thousand balls of lightening is a concert. For this concert I have created a Ball Lightning, which can be heard on the icy peaks of the Himalayas.”

Nikola Tesla
  1. When we refer to “most people”, we are referring to an aspect of our own consciousness from which we have disassociated. This disassociation has been committed in order to afford a sense of separateness, whether that be superiority or inferiority or – as is usually the case – both.
  2. The opposites as separate beings, one far from the other, is a deeply profound but powerful illusion which polarizes not only our perception, but our entire being. We feel we are a one consciousness when we speak of “I” or “me”, but our experiences is completely contrary to it. We feel at war with ourselves, a war that we are always trying to conceal both from ourselves and others. Still we are not at war only with ourselves, but with the entire universe.
  3. The fluctuations we experience in our mood and feelings are due to the innate polarity of our consciousness. We become uncomfortable when we experience things and people in the world that seem to lack integrity and consistency, that seem to be for or against us. Generally, we react to them with anger, frustration, sadness – which lowers our vibrational energy field. The end result for most will be mental and physical disease, a life of constant struggle. This is because we have become ever more polarized, single directional, limited, and at odds with 99.9% of our entire being and being in general. In days of old, we would have said, they have run far astray from a god or goddess.
  4. Great internal conflict is not considered to be a public virtue. We are not considered to be a public virtue. Those who struggle most to “make it” or to “fix themselves” will find that their efforts are equal to the power of the inner turmoil they wish to conceal. Their failure will be ten times their efforts. Their despair, even more; and society loves an individual in despair – it feeds on what remains of him.
  5. Our knowledge of our own nature is of possibly of less than 0% of our being. We can learn the details of the dream we believe we are. We spend very little time considering the nature of the dreamer. We don’t even experience or consider what is outside the dream.
  6. Most of our questions are made possible due to false premises.
  7. People do not control the world, as politics would have you believe. Energy controls the world.
  8. Our bodies are more productive when they are asleep.
  9. We still believe our knowledge is a form of awareness. But what it often is, is a map designed either to lead or to mislead.
  10. Seeing isn’t knowing, and knowing isn’t seeing. Knowing is a living structure of creativity, but seeing is the foundation of the creator.
  11. Inspiration does not begin with knowledge, it begins with eyes of wonder.
  12. Love is the energy of the universe, the energy that is you.
  13. You do not believe you are love. You believe you have another name, because they named you and called you many names – and you agreed.
  14. Many draw the line and call it their boundaries. This keeps them safe, as a play pen keeps a child safe. All of this can be completely appropriate until it is not.
  15. In whose interest would it be to keep you entrapped, enslaved, unaware of your own powers of creativity through love? Is it in your own interest? Is it it in another’s?
  16. Liberation is the only goal of the soul. After achieving liberation, there is no longer a goal, only being and expressing its energy with other beings. No limitation. No separation.
  17. Being is not existing. Being is high vibrational energy. Being is love. Existence, on the other hand, is the shadow on the wall, the shadow of the illusion.
  18. Love is never painful, as the poets would have you believe. Love that is painful is the shadow. It is a shadow of yourself.
  19. Your experience of love is always a reflection of who you believe you are – if everyone’s resumes detailed their love experience, it would be clear that no one would be fit for the job.
  20. Socrates spent his life seeking lovers of wisdom – all he found were those in fear of it. This is why he happily released his existence to them in order to find the icy peaks of Mt. Olympus.

you are of

you are of what is deep inside the earth,
darkness and the tiny life that thrives
between the high sun and fires below
where pregnant seeds to flowers turn

you are of what is high within the skies
lightness and the life that sacred thrives
between black holes and starless space
the light that ever blooms the human race

Woman Awakening

I was watching the night stars with him

but they were fixed and did not blink,

eyes as still and vacant as a cloudless sky

for they were of dreams never seen alive,

as silent films flicker on the walls inside;

no true woman can hold that heavenly sky,

and so I awoke not bothering him goodbye

On Praise

there is no life when people immediately give you praise,
for you have given them what they imagine they desire,
not the good for which they think their desire impossible;
it is the impossibly good in which true love become possible,
where every truth is a seed that gives sunlight to the hidden;
but good things take time and love to root and to finally grow,
and once grown, they will transform into another direction;
you would all be wise to follow wherever they might lead;
while praise only wants to be a possession for the appraiser
cutting the beautiful flower dead as keepsake for its lovers.

Heaven on Earth

there is heaven on earth inside your heart’s desire
of the waves that breathe up in order to come down
the rhythm and dance between the silence and sound
the flame of true love that burns when it’s found;
for our love here is no shooting star ready to die
nor is it an interest to be gone by morning time;
no, we are forever, infinity between us binding
you I, lost in mind, blood of ocean, waters of fire.

Carpe Diem

 carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.

seize the day, and as little as possible put faith in the future.

Horace, Odes 1.11

let your ripened fruit fall far from the tree,
or gently pluck it by your timely decree;
enjoy this day before the sun folds its rays
and gives all his light to earth for decay;
for sweetness in abandon is quick to spoil
falling to disgrace from which time recoils
to dig a grave that poor memories want to fill
where flies consume what’s now past its due.

Heaven of Love

when you connect with another,
as a river connects with a sea
or as one sea flows into another,
you are not just forging a bond
between the other and yourself,
you’re expanding the great universe,
a heaven of love and human being.

Love’s Not a Fragile Thing

We’re taught that love’s a fragile thing seeming
that changes direction with the slightest breezing;
that love’s a sister of pain, an enemy of pride;
that love’s a deepest desire forever denied.

but these are the wicked lies of a god of envy,
luring us from bliss with false apples of plenty,
lies hissed by tyrants for dissuading mankind
from the will of love, from who they are inside.

Shattered Mirror

When I wrote for you a poem,
I was surprised to see my love
in a mirror yet to be shattered
reflecting what was you was me.
Yet since that sad goodbye day
when we went our separate ways
when the mirror felled scattered,
I’ve searched wide and far between
for pieces of our sweet memories
to see ourselves smile once again;
our lower notes with the very high,
whiter colors with the blacker dyes
never ceasing this my lonely seeking
for our fragmented reminders who
when together manifest our desires.